Our Mission.

In February 2016, Sacred Sphynx was born out of the pure passion and curiosity about the hairless Sphynx cat breed. I had received my very first Sphynx, Sagan, after years of searching feverishly on my own accord, from a woman by the name of Aynne. This woman bred and cultivated rare hairless cats as a hobby (also known as #hobbybreeding) which means she did not own a “cattery“ but rather, she created interest and raised awareness of her own Sphynx cats by allowing them to naturally procreate. Next: she adopted them out. I was one of the lucky Sphynx moms who happened to find her. 

The term “Adoption” isn’t used nor respected enough to stress the instincts and resources it takes in order to fulfill a difficult responsibility such as feeding kittens daily, for months, and following up with vital veterinary appointments which are needed to document the progression of their health and the health needs of their mother. This is a very expensive breed, not a product. The average price to own a Sphynx is roughly $1200-1600 USD. Many people do not know all that goes into the careful consideration and livelihood of each one, emphasizing their cost more than expenses. It is important to follow up with any potential adoptee just as much as the Breeder or original owner of any animal.  The law itself only recognizes cats as property and so in any case that they are injured or harmed: they are treated as such. 

Our lives were forever changed in 2017 when a domestic abuser aimed his targets at a small litter of  hairless kittens, leaving them abandoned, malnourished and neglected for 2 weeks straight under the guise that they would be taken care of. A report was made to LAPD, Animal Services and the person responsible for the physical abuse and death of several kittens went on to abuse and take advantage of more humans. 

Those unfamiliar with the Power & Control Wheel of Abuse (http://www.ncdsv.org/images/PowerControlwheelNOSHADING.pdf) can make note of this behavioral act as proof of abusive tendencies and deeply rooted psychological issues which can be seen highlighted in the “Intimidation” area. Anyone who harms you will equally harm your animals. If you see something, say something. 

We continue raising awareness by raising our voices as a community. 10% of all proceeds go to Sphynx Cat Rescue & DV Awareness which facilitates relocation services for displaced/injured animals as well as victim‘s rights assistance to those affected by Domestic Violence Abuse.