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As you will come to find out, there is still so much to learn about the hairless Sphynx cat breed.  Contrary to any beliefs: Sacred Sphynx is not, never was and will never be known as a ”cattery”— a boarding or breeding facility that houses the commercial reproduction and/or reselling of cats

We are a compassionate, humane organization that was created with the intention to raise global awareness of the Sphynx cat community. In addition to helping facilitate animal rescue & adoptions, we wish to highlight the realities of domestic violence abuse, provide emotional support and give insight on other relevant issues affecting the livelihood of these magical creatures. 

They are a rare species, indeed. 

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Franco is a fabulous male Sphynx who enjoys cuddles, his catwheel and sunbathing. He is currently up for adoption via RESCUEME! - a Sphynx Rescue which supports the rehabilitation and relocation services of animals across the world. Each hairless friend deserves a warm, loving, forever home. 

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*All rescue cats are spayed & neutered.


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